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Rule of the Day

2-5/3 Player Lifts Ball Before Holing Out; Opponent Then Picks Up His Ball Claiming Player Loses Hole

In match play, A's ball was resting against the flagstick but it was not holed. A, believing he had holed out, lifted his ball without first marking its position. In doing so, A incurred a penalty stroke under Rule 20-1. Since A was not aware that he had incurred a penalty, he did not inform B. B, who had not witnessed A's actions, played his next stroke. A's actions were then brought to the attention of B and he picked up his ball, claiming that A's lifting of his ball entailed a penalty of loss of hole. A and B agreed to continue the match and refer B's claim to the Committee later. How should the Committee have ruled?

The Committee should have ruled that B won the hole. B's claim was valid since he notified his opponent that he was making a claim, of the facts that gave rise to the claim (A's lifting of the ball) and that he wanted a ruling (A and B agreed to refer B's claim to the Committee). Although the penalty for A's lifting of the ball without first marking its position is one stroke, he lost the hole for giving wrong information (Rule 9-2b) when he failed to inform B before he (B) played his next stroke that he (A) had incurred the penalty stroke.

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Today in Golf History

golf-history 1980 Ouimet Trophy Donated for U.S. Senior Open Championship

Jan 27

The Francis D. Ouimet Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the U.S. Senior Open champion. In 1894, the Tuxedo Club (N.Y.) invited three other clubs to compete in the first American inter-club tournament. While there is still some dispute as to who actually won, The Country Club in Brookline, Mass., returned home with the trophy, which remained in the club’s possession until the mid-1950s, when it was loaned to the USGA Museum for exhibition. As the USGA prepared for the first U.S. Senior Open in 1980, The Country Club suggested the trophy be used as the championship trophy.

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