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Rule of the Day

6-2a/4 Handicap Stroke Claimed After Hole Conceded

In a handicap match, A holed out in 3. B, having a putt for a gross 4 and forgetting that he was entitled to a handicap stroke at the hole, conceded the hole to A. Before A or B played from the next teeing ground, B remembered that he had a handicap stroke at the last hole. What is the ruling?

A won the hole when B conceded it -- Rule 2-4. It was B's responsibility to know the holes at which he received handicap strokes -- see Note under Rule 6-2. Since B forgot about his handicap stroke, he must suffer the consequences.

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Today in Golf History

golf-history 1880 Birthday of Beatrix Hoyt

Jul 05

winner of three consecutive Women’s Amateurs,Beatrix Hoyt, who played out of Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, N.Y., was the first dominant figure in American women’s golf. She won her first Women’s Amateur at age 16 in 1896 at Morris County Golf Club in Morristown, N.J., then won the 1897 championship at Essex Country Club in Manchester, Mass., and the 1898 Women’s Amateur at Ardsley Club in Ardsley-on-Hudson, N.Y. Hoyt retired from competitive golf at the age of 21. Her record of three consecutive Women’s Amateur titles has been matched four times but never exceeded.

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