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Rule of the Day

6-2b/2.5 Competitor Records Incorrect Handicap for Partner in Foursome Stroke-Play Competition; Error Discovered After Competition Closed

A and B were partners in a foursome stroke-play competition. At the conclusion of the round, A recorded on the score card that his handicap was eight strokes but, mistakenly and without B's knowledge, recorded B's handicap as ten strokes, whereas B knew that his handicap was nine. The mistake affected the number of strokes received by the side, but was not discovered until after the competition had closed. What is the ruling?

The side should be disqualified for returning a score card on which B's recorded handicap was higher than that to which he was entitled and this affected the number of strokes received (Rule 6-2b). Since B knew that his handicap was nine, the fact that the competition had closed makes no difference -- see Rule 34-1b(ii).

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Today in Golf History

golf-history 1908 Katherine Harley Wins U.S. Women’s Amateur

Oct 24

Katherine Harley, of Fall River, Mass., claimed her first of two U.S. Women’s Amateur titles with a 6-and-5 victory over Mrs. T.H. Polhemus at the Chevy Chase Club in Maryland. With just 41 entries, the championship field was the smallest of the 20th century.

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